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feels good

April 25, 2012
By heathersgone32 GOLD, Elyria, Ohio
heathersgone32 GOLD, Elyria, Ohio
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Don't let your past define who you are today. Your so much more than that.

feels good still getting it up in my hood.... hahaha
i might have problems but this time its my turn for happiness
haters can go somewhere else..
i have a chance to be myself and not who you want me to be any day.
i had a lot to say to you and yet you still yelled and screamed at me but i didn't care! i kept going telling you how i felt and what i thought! you didn't like it but i didn't care because i was only thinking about how i felt so good.
it feels so good to walk down the street knowing that i care about me myself and i now, NOT YOU!!
i only worry about myself, me body, my mind, MY life.
Feels good to know that you now know how i feel about you and what you do to me.
i can date whoever, i can do whatever, i can can drive wherever, but in all of that i know that it'll feel good knowing that you cant stop me anymore!
Haters eat my effin dust!!
cant tell me nothing.
feels goood still getting it up in my hood... hahaha
haters still wishing they could...
GET AT ME!! i feel so good knowing that your not my burden anymore, i love my life because now its mine and mine only!
wow, that feels really good! lol

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