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Parchment Blue

April 17, 2012
By Freedom.ThroughPens GOLD, Alpharetta, Georgia
Freedom.ThroughPens GOLD, Alpharetta, Georgia
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Parchment blue
Crackled – fundamentally cracked with gentle ease – gentle precise measurements
The sight of not one, but one thousand lakes embedded deep within the potter’s creation
The pollen shines a top the blue creation– a sign of the altering seasons
The glisten of the brightest star makes for shadowy attention upon a sculpture meant for thousands
Holes dense with fog
Embedded with bitter grief; tedious hours, tireless making
Blue, oh, parchment blue

Pale skin so luscious with ghostly figures
Pale skin with such beauty to be seen
Pale skin – a mile long with sandpapered textures

I can rivet so long to see the vast contrasts between the two
Victorian pure
So very dissimilar, contrary and tainted

It is in contrast that outlines beauty

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