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A Petal And It's Word

April 16, 2012
By Kayla1115 BRONZE, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
Kayla1115 BRONZE, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
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A shimmering petal
Flows into the wintery sky
It’s soft silhouette, now ice
Drips coldness on one’s palm
As it settles on the deep rim of hotness

It was the last petal that summer has left
Its tiredness bleaks the lines that spreads
On its single white petal
In which has marked a treasure of journey

It’s once luminous color
Showed and iridescent light
That blossomed into love and warmth
That brought many to comfort and relief

It had eased the pain of wariness
And vanished the deep dark thoughts
Of death arising

Now as winter has begun
The words and lessons that the petal
Had brought to so many
Lies on the tepid comfort of a hand
As it dwelt to the soothing sound of wind
And chilliness
Finally the petal has died
And left its words behind

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on Jan. 8 2013 at 6:21 pm
idontusethisaccountxxx, Appleton, Wisconsin
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Luv it, nice word choice!!