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The War Against the Judgmental Media

April 9, 2012
By KCayla GOLD, Stillwater, New York
KCayla GOLD, Stillwater, New York
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The War Against the Judgmental Media

As I make my way towards salvation
I start the revolution
We will stand as one
Against the people who think they are as important as the rising sun

They will no longer control us
Or tell us there is no reason to fuss
While they plan and scheme against the individuals
We remain the Invincibles

So raise the colors
Against the opposing others
Let’s end the war they started
The ones who are cold hearted

We are the underdogs
And they are the wild hogs
They are dangerous with their media
And all of their answers on Wikipedia

Their bodies fake
Their false images that the shadows try to make
You are beautiful the way you are
Not the one hit rising stars

They do not know
That the world could truly glow
Stand with me against the posers
And show them that we’d much rather have our friends and family closer

They want to be perfected
But their personalities are highly reflected
Raise the colors and the flags of ourselves
The unique individuals with the childhood trophies on the shelves

They judge how we look
And try to make us buy their products to get us hooked
On the feeling of importance
When we really need the feeling of independence

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