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The Boy Next Door

April 9, 2012
By abhoori SILVER, Middletown, New Jersey
abhoori SILVER, Middletown, New Jersey
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the boy next door's stuck behind bars
cause he's just broken a couple of laws
he was caught behind the A&P
with a couple of cigs, a joint or two, and some ecstasy
not his fault he took Weezy's word literally
poor pops couldn't find the money to get his son the bail
so now the boy next door is stuck in jail
and what a shame
he used to be a pretty good ball player back in the day
a white boy that could jump, at least that's what they say
but, you know the drill
mixed with the wrong crowd, started popping pills
the next thing you know he was hooked on
and by that time it's not like he could withdraw
instead, he became a slave
to the very drug that left him feeling depraved
he wanted more and more of that buzz
it served as the perfect escape from
this world's high expectations
but soon getting high became his only aspiration
it blinded his eyes
so much so that he couldn't see the onset of his demise
so he fell, he tripped, he stumbled on his own two feet
fell flat on his face to the Fate he was destined to meet
and what a tragic fall it was
especially cause
he was just another victim of:
being at the wrong place
at the wrong time
doing the wrong thing
if only he could change how things have been
starting with the day he first smoked that cig
we all know it starts with that first cig

little did he know it's not dope
to trade in your dreams and hopes
for a temporary rush
that'll just leave you on the brink of
and now he's on the brink of

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