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Natures Music

April 7, 2012
By FefeBelieve SILVER, Nh, New Hampshire
FefeBelieve SILVER, Nh, New Hampshire
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Natures beauty surrounds you
with the sound of natures music
the songs the birds sing,
you can hear each chirp
as if each one is telling a story
listen close,
and you can hear the sound
of crickets,
it's whistles carried in the wind
you can hear small croaks
from the frogs in the near-by rivers
you can hear soft little crunches
as the squirrels run after eachother
the sound of the river,
calm and slow
the sound of the leaves,
blowing in the wind.
With each new sound,
is a new instrument
in natures melody
calm and peacful,
is the way of,
Natures Music.

The author's comments:
Nature is a beautiful thing. Listen to the way it speaks to you :)

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