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Unspoken Words

April 5, 2012
By UnspokenWords21 SILVER, Shelbyville, Illinois
UnspokenWords21 SILVER, Shelbyville, Illinois
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Giving up doesn't mean you're weak...it means you are strong enough to let go...

Sheltered by the harsh hold of silence
Words kept suppressed by fear of the unknown
Never to be uttered by opened lips
May they never be heard by human ears
These words carry none but the dearest secrets
The secrets of truth.

The beholder of the secrets, timid and shy
Pleads for freedom from the relentless Force
The Force hears no cry, accepts no request.
Refusal to recognize the relief of repose
Is why it’s kept concealed
By a cloaked veil of sullen silence.

Though the unuttered secret causes agonizing hurt.
The beholder stays chained, bound by a vow
A merciless vow of laconism.
Why the enslavement, the binding, the pain?
Why be ailed by misery
When the cure is simply to speak?

The bindings of restraint were certain to break.
As time blew by, the beholder rose to defy
Determined to break free, like a prisoner behind iron.
The Beholder stood firm, yet drawing shaky breaths,
And tightened her hold on the force
That once held her captive.

For once in it’s existence, the force felt fear.
The Beholder grew stronger and delighted in her power
Without relenting, she eradicated the beast,
The force, who’s home had once been the Beholder’s own mind,
No longer intimidated nor held her captive
She let freely flow the unspoken words.

The author's comments:
Often times, whenever we keep secrets held in, it is because we are too afraid of the consequences. Don't let this happen. There will be consequences but things will always be better once they're over. Remember that.

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on Apr. 20 2012 at 9:27 pm
Heyyyy!!!! I read it!!!! This is Shy the one u love the mostest!!!! This poem is off the chain!!!! and idc if no one says that anymore cuz i jus did!!!!! <3