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Why do you cry?

March 22, 2012
By Ekf07 GOLD, Huntersville, North Carolina
Ekf07 GOLD, Huntersville, North Carolina
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Why Do You Cry?

Why do you cry,
At the edge of the brook,
Letting your life,
Your dreams flow
Down the current?

Why do you weep,
At the base of the
Old willow tree?
Letting your time,
Pass you by.

Why do you let,
Your grief filled tears,
Drip, drop, drip
Into the placid waters
Of the brook?

Why do you grieve?
Did love crack
Your delicate heart?
Did a life so dear,
Leave you alone?

Why do you sit
In your bright pink dress,
On the edge of the water?
Your sorrow filled face,
Reflecting in the tear filled waves.

The author's comments:
This represents the way people show their grief

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