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April 2, 2012
By jac294 PLATINUM, McMurray, Pennsylvania
jac294 PLATINUM, McMurray, Pennsylvania
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I bury my sorrows in burrows
Burrows locked in my mind
With a deadbolt, latch, and keypad
With a key no one can find

I dig a hole in surrender
In the pit of my grief and my pain
Wet with the tears of my promise
In a rainstorm without any rain

I run to the east for an answer
Running to where the east ends
Although I am running a war
Where no one ever defends

I cry tears of honest frustration
Crying for the breaking of dawn
Crying because who can smile
When no one can ever move on?

I climb to the top of the heartache
To stitch the cut where i bleed
To reap the field of our harvest
That started as merely a seed

I kiss the face of the oldest clock
The hour hand faster to wined
Locked in a chest of darkness
With a key no one can find

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