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Just Another Alice in Wonderland

March 21, 2012
By Janae0819 SILVER, Columbus, Ohio
Janae0819 SILVER, Columbus, Ohio
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Don’t start all your lying behind that smile, I can see right through you. Right now I’m still on solid ground but it won’t be long before it caves in. We all have hell to pay, some sooner than others. These dreams have got me carried away. I open the doors and you’re not where you should be. Hearts get beat into the ground as the Jabberwock cries. The knight can’t protect, he is past is prime. I never knew I would end up here. I hardly know how I came to be here. The Queen thinks she can win, but no she can’t because I have learned of your lies and my heart flew from you and past your consumed thoughts. The doors slam and the steps reveal the truth; while the painted roses play the sad song of those who lost their heads. The suits trail behind as we run for our lives. All this extra traffic in my head is slowing me down. The kitten smiles and the Hatter laughs as we try to escape through the looking glass. The White Rabbit left me cold with no clear value of this life. The Caterpillar smokes his pipe and tries to make a deal but as the battle plays out I learn of your secrets, the ones that make me forgive. As the Bandersnatch howls and the Queen of Hearts falls there is no longer a place for me on this side. But I leave you with my heart as I turn to go home because all I really am is just another Alice in Wonderland.

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deleted said...
on May. 7 2012 at 12:42 pm
deleted, Miami, Florida
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Nice analogy, I like it