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To Rise

March 25, 2012
By windswift DIAMOND, Arvada, Colorado
windswift DIAMOND, Arvada, Colorado
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let it burn, suffering teaches the soul; let it grow, love nourishes the heart.

I gave up once, left myself to die,
I was drowning in sorrow, inside I would cry,
My spirit had been ravaged, destroyed,
I became evil, gainfully employed,
I lost everything, in just one day,
I began to hate the world, I lost my way,
Drugs were my escape, fighting my friend,
I let emotions control me, till the very end,
What I felt would cure me, was killing me,
I was blind, truly unable to see,
I was living in hell, a hell full of ice,
I paid; it was too much of a price,
I only dragged myself further away,
I was killing myself; I had no reason to stay,
I was poisoning my very heart and soul,
Shredding myself to pieces, leaving a hole,
I wanted to die, so bad was my pain,
I was drenched I tears, which fell like rain,
I was in the wrong, for taking this path,
I brought about my hell, in all its wrath,
I destroyed myself, to open my only scar,
I wounded myself, again and again,
I wondered when it would end, and life begin,
I had become psychotic, lost in my hell,
My escape was always there, waiting to expel,
I was blind, in every sense and thought,
Everything that had come to pass, I had wrought,
There was pain, but I made far more,
I chose to walk strait through hells door,
Now I know that there is always light,
That no matter what pain, you can take the bite,
You can choose to walk the path of good,
You can learn from your pain, as you should,
You can whisk away all of your sorrow,
Learn to live life for today and tomorrow,
Don’t lose sight of it people do care,
They will listen to you, when things are too much to bear,
They will take your pain, when it’s to strong,
Look for the good; it’s been there all along,
Don’t dwell on the past, it will never change,
Today can, so love it with its greatest range,
I once destroyed myself, lost all sight,
Now I have risen, a warrior of the light,
You too, can choose to rise so far above,
And if no one else’s, you have my love.

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