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A Walk in a Moment like This

March 17, 2012
By IridescentWords SILVER, Wilkesboro, North Carolina
IridescentWords SILVER, Wilkesboro, North Carolina
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"You want to escape the confusion that you see before you. I tell you, you will never be able to escape the outer confusion unless, and until, you have escaped the inner confusion. And the inner confusion is your continuous doubt-indulgence." - Sri

It’s a moment like this that makes me wonder why you had kids

Your little boy sits outside your office
The door is closed on him and you don’t welcome his presence
Yet he still sits there and waits
Already past his bedtime, and there he is…..sitting

Earlier in the evening you promised him a walk
Now you’re absorbed in your work
Consumed by your computer
Absolutely oblivious to the fact he is waiting for that walk with child-like love and faith

If it was me, I would know from years of letdown you won’t come
I would walk away
I would give up
You would not find me sitting and waiting

But he isn’t me

He still hasn’t met the harsh reality that you never have enough time for us
The small world he knows doesn’t include broken words
He has yet to comprehend it all
And I envy him for it

So even though you yelled at him, telling him to get out
He still wants to be with you, still wants your walk together

I hope that one day, before it’s too late
You’ll look up and realize we all just wanted to be with you
To go on that special walk
I hope you open your eyes to it and grab those last few walks

Before we all walk away on our own

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