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Sinking Ships

March 9, 2012
By StellaESP DIAMOND, Williston Park, New York
StellaESP DIAMOND, Williston Park, New York
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Is a fire,
An infinite battle
To get started,
An infinite battle to
Keep it alive.
But I have run out of wood,
My heart is burned from
Broken promises,
Resting on a bed rock,
Formed by men trying to portray
The role of a
I am left kindling
A smoke of
That love is an unlocked door.
That others of a different heart
Will steal mine,
Leaving evidence of my
For the thorn that pricked me,
Stuck to him,
I watched from a distance
A solitary roes.
He said he
Moronic, I let him enter.
He crossed the threshold,
Bring his body,
Ending all feeling he had,
His emotions locked behind the door.
He said he would
Give me an abundance of treasures,
Costly in money, they held
Little or no
But, like a caring mother,
I nourished him,
Bring him cheese and wine, saving him from
I fell victim to
A trophy wife, a position
Being naive,
I blindly obtained.
He said he would
Protect me.
I let him be my
Shelter, a tower of security.
Under the weight of his arms,
I felt him,
But never
The ceiling to my kingdom was on the brink of
It was a stain I knew wouldn't come out,
But day after day I would bath
In the waters of mercy.
He said he would show me the
I boarded his ship.
In the depths of the ocean
Their was love.
A sail clasped to a
Sunken ship.
A reflection of my
Fate, permanently written.
I tried to sink but I was kept afloat.
This relationship, with time, wrapped around me,
An invisible float.
I asked the gods what I did wrong.
Why in the beginning was I deaf
Not hearing the warnings, but
Consumed to listen to his story book of
I begged at the foot of the court.
The jury found no evidence
Of injustice, only a
In a relationship with,a
On the surface,
Hiding his true identity, an
Animal at heart.
The sun rose, so did his
The moon settled,
So did the
That coated his sleeves.
I yearned for love.
I sent offerings to the Gods,
I prayed in times of need.
My prayers were answered.
With magic, he turned
Into the
He was, a
Lacking generosity but
Gaining what he lacked in the form of
I planted my forest,
Burning branches,
His shadow dancing in the flames.
I feasted on
Having peace of mind that
He was gone.
Now waiting,
I smell the aroma of a roses.
My fire blazing, in my fortress
My door cracked open,
I see fate's flexibility,
Ships sailing across the horizon,
Past loves sail
Lying under the waves of the
Love is a fire,
An infinite battle
To get started,
An infinite battle to
Keep it alive,
A battle I am

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