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be yourself

February 28, 2012
By kimani grandy SILVER, Boston, Massachusetts
kimani grandy SILVER, Boston, Massachusetts
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When your happy,im happy.
When your sad,im sad.
But when you act like someone else,
I dont want to know you.I dont want to know you as a
A wanna-be.
i dont want you to change to impress me. I want you to be you all the time , so that i know that i lovethe right person. when you put on an act my heart sinks, the cat gets my tounge because i dont know whta to say to you. When i tell you something dont hide because your secretly that person. Prove me wrong and show me that i didnt know what i thought i did. Most importantly listen to my heart beat, and know that i'll never loose love for you.

The author's comments:
well I know this sounds like a love poem about a boyfriend or something, but it's not. I just feel that some people change there personality becuase they think they will fit in with different people. This poem was sort of a way to say be yourself and never change the beautiful person that you are deep inside, the really you is the best you and if you don't fit in because of who you are don't stress there's someone out there that will love you for who you are no matter what. thanks,

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