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I Am Just As They Are

February 28, 2012
By Tiaya01 GOLD, Ninilchik, Alaska
Tiaya01 GOLD, Ninilchik, Alaska
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They say everything is bigger in texas, but they aint seen Alaska yet..

My rhymes are as moral as Socrates
My beats are more philosophical than the philosopher’s philosophies.
My demeanor is as prominent as sex appeal to Aphrodite.
Your words are as deceiving as the songs of the sirens.
Your lies feel like thunderbolts sent down to earth by Thor.
My mind is split worse than the three of Cerberus.
I am no longer bound by you,
I fly higher than Hermes,
I ride harder than Pegasus,
I fight rougher than Hercules
I own as many souls on this earth as Hades
I can never die ill come back rising from the sea.

The author's comments:
I am who i am nothing can change that, i am as special as any god.

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