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March 5, 2012
By pickles_the_kitten BRONZE, Ballground, Georgia
pickles_the_kitten BRONZE, Ballground, Georgia
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The Sunshine cradled me,
When I was a child.
But now She's set me free,
My soul runs wild.

I search for a touch,
Needing something real.
But what good is a touch,
If you cannot feel?

The author's comments:
I am a 16 year old boy who struggles with addiction and cutting. I've been writing poetry since the age of twelve. I took a break from thirteen to fifteen, and started to write again when I was institutionalized last year. This is the first poem I wrote when I started back up. It's about my struggle with cutting, and how I progressively got worse.
I've written a whole book of short stories and poems that I'm trying to get published. The short stories mostly consisit of horror.

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on Apr. 13 2012 at 7:13 pm
i_am_so_very_large_and_towering SILVER, Mililani, Hawaii
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Favorite Quote:
"Yet what is any ocean but a multitude of drops?"

this is so beautiful. good luck to you for everything.