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Happy Valentines Day

February 13, 2012
By Asbury BRONZE, Zeleinople, Pennsylvania
Asbury BRONZE, Zeleinople, Pennsylvania
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For the Lord knows where i am going and once he has tested me like gold in a fire he will pronounce me innocent...Job 23-10

You always seem to confuse the crap outta me day and night
We always seem to get in the most stupidest or fights
Most of the time i cant tell if you love me anymore or not
If your feelings for me are only just a lil of maybe a lot
I hope that the love that you claim to have for me is completely true
Ive never felt this way but maybe with a couple choice few
The feelings that i seem to have for you are something completely new
A while ago you asked me to write a poem just for you
I'm guessing that this is just a lil past due
You keep on saying that you think that I'm trying to push you away
But your so completely wrong I'm just trying my hardest to make you wanna stay
Hmmmm...well i am thinking of somebody that you might actually know
He a lil blacker than black but its all cool cause I'm a lil whiter than all of this snow
I love him with a passion bigger than ever know of before
Nope i aint done so continue to listen there still is some more
He loves his niece like she is his very own lil baby girl
But the love that he has for his mom would make anyone wanna hurl
His niece is the most Important person in his life
even more Important than the one he claims to want to become his wife
His mom well that is a whole different story that I'm not really able to tell
All i can truthfully say is that that relationship has never really been that well
He thinks that nobody even cares about him
He tears himself apart over this limb by limb
But what he needs to learns some time very soon
And hopefully by the next luminous full moon
That i truthfully love him with all of my heart and plus a lil more
And there's a whole lot more of these feelings that are in store
Rashaun A. Smith is the one i love with all of my heart
But what he doesn't know are that these feelings are only just the start

The author's comments:
I love my boyfriend

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