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You Loved Him?

February 18, 2012
By bookworm95 BRONZE, Del Rio, Texas
bookworm95 BRONZE, Del Rio, Texas
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How was that loving him?
How was making him cry loving him?
How was letting him go loving him?
I love him…
I made him laugh when you wouldn’t…
I held him close and wouldn’t let go…
When all he needed was a shoulder…
When all he wanted was an ear…
When all he asked for was support…
You could have lent him yours,
You could have hear his thoughts,
You could have believed in him,
As if it was so hard?
As if he asked for so much?
As if you couldn’t just try?
It was so simple!
It was just a bit of help!
It was no big deal!
I tried to make it up.
I tried to help him.
I tried to be there.
But all he wanted was you.
But all he asked for was you.
But all he needed was you.
I hope you’re happy!
I hope you feel free!
I hope you go to hell!
Because now he’s gone.
Because now I lost him.
Because now, Because of you…
Because you didn’t love him…
Because you made him cry…
Because you let him go…
Because you didn’t lend him anything…
Because you didn’t listen to him…
Because you didn’t support him…
Even though it wasn’t hard,
Even though he didn’t ask for much,
Even though you just needed to try.
Because of you he’s dead,
Even though you were his mother.
Because of you he took his life,
Even though I loved my brother.

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