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And So the Peasant Loved the Prince

February 9, 2012
By She-who-loves-love SILVER, Tecumseh, Oklahoma
She-who-loves-love SILVER, Tecumseh, Oklahoma
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Favorite Quote:
Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever left, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.
-Sherlock Holmes

when i'm with You, i have to remember my inhaler.
but only deep inside my purse
where You don't find it.
(like i'd let you see)

when You are near,
i forget my glasses
remind me to pick up some contacts.
(i've always hated contacts)

i ditch my sweater
when i see You in the hall
when i drop my hoodie You pick it up for me.
(love in a zipper, instead of in every stitch?)

You made me turn my back on A/V club
but i'll never admit it
Your decision was most definitely my own.
(You so forced me)

i dumb down my vernacular,
You never understood it anyway
and neither does anyone else, You told me.
(capable of comprehending accosting scenarios)

no more "i <3 Mario" tee shirts
and converse instead of my favorite shoes
the nondescript sneakers with neon laces
(you won't lose me in a fog)

i don't play tennis
You said it's a geeky sport
softball is appropriate for girls in Your view.?
(lord knows why)

but I've always been proud of my inhaler(oh yes)
my nerd glasses(of course)
my hand-knitted sweaters(why not)
My precious computer(always and forever)
My six-syllable words(everlasting)
My witty tees(love them)
My green and pink shoe laces
on their $10 sneakers that last a lifetime(affirmative)
I'm the best on the tennis team,
and I've never really liked the softball girls(or running bases-- the horror!)
And I Guess, Now That I See Clearly(not like i did before)
I Never Really Liked

The author's comments:
I am such a geek, and proud of it. Never change who you are for someone. Find someone who accepts you FOR who you are.

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