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A Knight

February 7, 2012
By AngelsKiss PLATINUM, Paris, Tennessee
AngelsKiss PLATINUM, Paris, Tennessee
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You have the power to live another Childhood, so open up the door leaving back your doubts.

Weaker am I, for just a fallen maiden
Looking for a knight, no longer a prince
Seeing with my heart and not with eyes
A meeting silently without any goodbyes
To think my hand has already been taken

Somewhat free, but confined too tight
Hiding behind a barrier, maybe a dark wall
Hiding from the past and not accepting
Maybe this new love was too tempting
It could be love or maybe nothing at all
I am awaiting word from my dark knight

Maybe deep within me, I hold the cure
But taunting at night is his emerald eyes
Holding his words so close to my heart
Maybe this love love I have, never to depart
But coming out are questionable sighs
Wondering, asking, how can I be sure

Tell me please now dark, dark knight
Holding within deep down please tell
What warring emotions have you had
Slipping under my touch, are you glad
What feelings hidden in your dark well
For you to be able to love at first sight

Thinking of the smoothness of your skin
Asking whoever and never of this dream
A hidden hatred and touch of deep red
Knowing the night can bring, nothing is said
Thinking doubts, hidden regrets and scheme
A looming doubt, are you string to keep me in

A love in part could be deciever
A knight with a strong urging must
To see into my heart a sinful curse
Lost love or sinful lust, which is worse
A knight by oath, can I have your trust
To say your word, call me a believer

Who knew words could cause such delight
Misted my mind, you are like calming rain
That a longing could cause such despair
Maybe a love if true, could you repair
Please, my knight, take away the pain
And stay close to me side, my dark knight

My knight, in fear, you have me slave
Your words, your love, haunts my mind
All alone it keeps me silently colder
Do you wish silently "I want to hold her?"
Or is it that far away and left behind
Or in mind to this is how you behave

Have you had enough, to know what for
Would you curl in and find a simple retreat
A dream, a wish, to keep your smile
Into the night we seem to talk awhile
It seems only fate that we got to meet
Wondering is this dream is just folklore

Let me ask you does it feel right
Does this cause ever seem hopeless
Wondering if your choices are best
Please don't let this be another jest
Because how hard, is this love mess
To be not just a knight, but my Knight.

The author's comments:
An older poem I wrote some time ago, about a person that I use to have feelings for at the time he was my hero with a twist

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