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Little Lucy

January 22, 2012
By PoetLife4ever GOLD, Midvale, Idaho
PoetLife4ever GOLD, Midvale, Idaho
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Little Lucy wondered why
They stabbed her
Several different times
Big needles that came and went
Taking blood and making no sense
Her Mommy cried and said its okay
You will be fine
Its just a mistake
I'm afraid not
The doctor said sadly
Little Lucy has leukemia
I'm so sorry
Her mommy dropped to her knees
And cried it can't be
Little Lucy with all her belief
Patted her Mommys hand and said
It will be okay you will see
The years went
As Little Lucy got weaker
But she never gave up
And tried to be a believer
Her last night came
And she knew in her heart
She would have to tell her Mommy
They would have to part
Again her Mommy cried and said
You'll be okay
But Lucy said Mommy
God needs to take me away
Her Mommy left
And came back the next day
Her Little Lucy was gone
With a smile on her face.

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on Dec. 14 2012 at 2:18 am
Issybizzy99 BRONZE, Mira Mar, Other
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A smile makes the world go around!

Wow! Hair-raising and really moving! Keep writing like this because it's awesome!