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The Future's Past

February 5, 2012
By RosySea SILVER, Port Hadlock, Washington
RosySea SILVER, Port Hadlock, Washington
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In this world of humans
We mask our ignorance with noise
And our noise
With ignorance

Our hearts beat as one
With the pulse
Of electronic chatter
And rattling machines

We cower under skyscrapers
That are alive with un-living sound
Buzzing printers
Humming elevators
Chiming phones

Walking with dead songs in our ears
Plugged into iPods
By plastic coated wires
We chain ourselves
To ourselves

We keep away
Creating new clatter
To block the destruction already made
And laugh when we are found out

Truth is ignored
Because it’s easier to scream back
Than silently listen

Flying over the only beauty
That we have left untouched
We are like birds
Monstrous, devouring birds
That roar and grind

The song and whistle of sparrows
After a muffling rain
Is drowned by the cheeps
Of plastic toys

And the thrum
The flow of the sea is smothered
Frozen by whirring, blasting motors
That leave froth along the waves

And the silent rustle
Of a thousand silky leaves
Goes unheard
When a car whizzes past
Fast on synthetic feet
Too quick to catch

The eagle’s cry
Desperate and sad
And full of strength
Is lost
Outside our closed doors

And so,
Into the future we proceed
Hand in hand
With the distorting theme song
Of our lives
It will tear our roots from the ground
And bind our wings
With metallic chords

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