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This Is Me

February 1, 2012
By Vanessa18 PLATINUM, Berwyn, Illinois
Vanessa18 PLATINUM, Berwyn, Illinois
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" The more lies you tell, the more you drown." "You shouldn't let life pass you by."

People say they know me, but they really don't. No one knows you better then yourself. People only go by what they see. And that is why I hate when people judged me. I'm not perfect because I have judged people before, but now I try to do my best to not judge anymore. People may see I 'm shy, when they try to approach me. People may see that when I talk there is something different about my teeth, which makes me not want to speak. People wonder why I like to write, well this is why. It's a way for me to escape this place, from all the judging and all these cruel mean things people say in this ice cold world. People may not know this about me because it's something you can't see. I use to cut myself until I would bleed. I felt so depressed; I had no one to lean on. People may not know this about me because it's something you can't see. I use to be in "River Edge" long ago, I just couldn't take it anymore. Being locked away in a place they called a room. What kind of room has bars on the window with no view? This was not a room; this was a cage for an animal. Believe it or not, there is an animal inside of me that is waiting to jump right out of me. I have anger inside of me that you just can't see. I know you would find it hard to believe. People think I 'm perfect and innocent just because I'm shy around someone new, they just don't have a clue. I'm only human just like the rest of you. I've made many mistakes like you may have too.

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