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It Was You

January 29, 2012
By mcoughs2468 PLATINUM, Natick, Massachusetts
mcoughs2468 PLATINUM, Natick, Massachusetts
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I started to learn
How to smile, how to laugh
How happiness felt.
I started to learn
how to love,
As I fell in love
With you

And I started to be
More than I thought
I ever could be.

Every tender embrace
And each promise of forever
Were all I needed
To face this cruel society
each wet and misty day.

A Friday of Hell
Four tests, five classes
And a huge presentation.
I never hit snooze though,
on that dreary excuse for a day.

Because once I conquered that bottomless pit of doomed endeavors,
I could finally see
I could finally feel
I could finally hold
the only one that mattered.

And it was you
who taught me how to see
beauty and love and hope.
It was you who
Made me complete.

It was you who
told me you loved me,
and made me believe.
You were the only one
to make my hesitant heart
release doubt and fear
to an unknown horizon
of potential perfection.

And you were the only one
who brought me to my haven
of safety and peace.

You were the only one who
convinced my damaged heart
that it would all be alright.

You were the only one who
loved me for me.
And I love you for taking me
in all my weakness and imperfections,
In my raw, unfinished form.
It was you finished me.
It was you who transformed me.
It was you

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