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January 24, 2012
By mcoughs2468 PLATINUM, Natick, Massachusetts
mcoughs2468 PLATINUM, Natick, Massachusetts
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Raining cats and dogs
Alone again
Cloaked under heavy fog

But Rome wasnt build in a day
and though it crumbled in a moment
And though endlessly I will pay
It was I who made it stolen

It's better late than never
Or so I tell myself
But lies are lies forever
And merely nothing else

Keep your fingers crossed
And maybe I'll succeed
But luck I rarely come across
However bad the need

Chew it I could not
For the bite was far too big
In this game of life, I have lost
I am alone
Alone and wandering

The author's comments:
The idea of this poem was to get out all of the cliches before actually producing quality work. Hence the extensive amount of cliches.

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