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A Mermaid's Kiss

January 18, 2012
By AngelsKiss PLATINUM, Paris, Tennessee
AngelsKiss PLATINUM, Paris, Tennessee
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You have the power to live another Childhood, so open up the door leaving back your doubts.

Deep below this world of land

Is a world of water, full of wonders

To take you further than myth will ever go
It's the picture of the perfect water show

The ripples of the water, the ocean's lullaby
Where the waves go, is never a goodbye

A reflection into this mystery
There's more in the waters then you can see

Beautiful eyes, haunting lips, and flowing hair
It is an image you'd never want to share

And watching by the ocean's end
I hope to believe she is what we call friend

You'll look into her eyes and see another world
Wishes taken, your hopes are curled

Life forgotten, mistakes forgiven,chances to take
You take her hand and hope this is not a mistake

But at the same time you don't seem to mind
As long as she doesnt leave you behind

Slowly pulling under into her realm
Her sins will have you condemned

Young boy, sadly you do not know
Where will you go?

But yet again you do not mind
For your love for her passes all time

But to her, she could be lying
And you alone shall be dying

For a fool is what you truly are
Under water you cannot go far

But with all your might you will try
And here alone, with her you will die

Silky hair rippling through the water
Your breath is starting to falter

She holds you as you pull her close
Because her is who you love the most

And the life you once held, will you miss
All escaping bliss for that of a mermaid's kiss

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on Feb. 18 2012 at 9:42 pm
Grayson PLATINUM, West Fulton, New York
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this is an excellent poem. you have a great rhyme scheme and the message and metaphor are close to one of my poems (Creature of the Deep). I could really connect with this because I too see such similarity between women who lead men on and sirens or mermaids.

on Feb. 10 2012 at 3:51 pm
laurensoccer SILVER, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
8 articles 0 photos 67 comments
I absolutely love this poem. The rhyme adds so much character to the piece. I love how whimsical it is and how well you describe the mermaid. Truly one of my favorite poems!!!!

Regan PLATINUM said...
on Jan. 31 2012 at 1:39 pm
Regan PLATINUM, Vicksburg, Michigan
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there's no such thing as impossible for the word itself says im possible.

i love this! its so unique! It really tells a story! great job! :)