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If five months ago, my son had chosen to stay.

December 3, 2011
By leaveyourdoubts_sky SILVER, Orland Hills, Illinois
leaveyourdoubts_sky SILVER, Orland Hills, Illinois
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-Know that you could set your world on fire if you are strong enough to leave your doubts. *-Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes.

For all of the parents out there, I know having someone like me is tough
I'm not always making the best decisions and I never know when 'enough is enough.'
But please don't get discouraged and resort to giving up on me
Because when I’m struggling, sometimes it's not easy getting others to see.
I mess up sometimes...who am I kidding, A LOT
But we all deserve a second chance and "Dad you're parked in my spot!"
Give me a chance to prove all that my experience has taught
I learned to give second chances, but never a third when I fought.
Because fool me once, shame on you, but fool me twice, shame on me
Papa always told me this and that "Nothing good is free."
And with that I found that nothing good comes quickly or easily either
And when asked weed or liquor, I'll always pass with "neither."
I remember getting in trouble when I wasn't even seven
I always said the word 'idiot' and didn't understand until I was eleven.
An idiot is someone who does something again and again expecting something else
But if you jump on the bed enough, you're guaranteed to hit your head again on the shelf.
I know I'm loud around the house and sometimes I complain too much
But with how much I've learned in 17 short years, you may benefit keeping in touch.
I've found that you will always be what you do
Because what you write and what you say and what you admit you think aren't always true.
So be kind to those around you, for there's a reason they're still there
Never do something you'll regret in the morning because you are what you do, so play fair.
Honesty is life’s biggest contender, so keep the truth on your lips
And the truth never changes so don't make a foolish decision after too many sips.
No matter the circumstance, the real story always lingers
Liars' stories always get mixed up and slip between their fingers.
Especially in love, for love is our life's most longed-for destination
Never let love hit the rocks or your anniversary date become an estimation.
If five months ago my son had chosen to stay
I'd tell him all of these things I've learned and help him on his way.
But he is up somewhere far away seeing things I could only dream
Painting the sky in polka dots because the grass is boring green.
And that is something else I've learned in my 17 short years
That love is never lost in time, just sometimes switches gears.
If you have loved once, you'll love for infinity and beyond it
Because love is something when shoved away that just will never fit.
If you no longer love someone, then you never did to begin with
So don't play games, and don't lead on something you know is a myth.
Girls are sensitive and even the quarterback cries when he doesn’t know what to do
So never say anything you don't mean or think before you're spoken to.
Don't be fooled though, for a woman can be a manipulative being
Don't always mute yourself to let your woman sing.
For the relationship is controlled by whoever loves the least
So speak your mind and stand your ground, but don't turn into a beast.
Experience has taught me this and troubled times that didn't seize
But after all, just watching Disney proved the Beauty tames the beast.
I've learned that if someone seeks forgiveness, they're not always heaven-sent
So make sure to always forgive, but don't you ever forget.
Putting reason behind your action isn't easy like switching lanes
Understanding why we do the things we do is the first step to change.
If you don't like your past, you don't have to make it your future plan
For you’re in control of your own destiny, just sometimes you need a helping hand.
I know I'm growing up and it gets harder every day to watch me go
But don't give up on me, because I need you now more than you could ever know.

The author's comments:
"This started as a list of 10 things I know to be true."

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