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December 21, 2011
By LetMeFeel BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
LetMeFeel BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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"Let me feel; I don't care if I break down. Let me fall, even if I hit the ground...At least I'll know I lived."

There was nothing but you and I
You and I 
Joined together under a charade of
White lilies and red rose pedals
& we both promised "forever" when
Neither of us even knew what it meant
We found it in our vernacular to say "I do"
And yet just two years later
We're waving goodbye
Saying "ado"
I put my time into work
And you started pushing work
But since those dollar bills no longer keep us warm at night
We're both searching for change
So for now 
She'll comfort you when I don't
And he'll care about me when you won't
And we'll both pretend that we're 
Content with this game of charades
We'll each pretend that the other was easily replaced
And we'll pray to a God that won't listen
Have hope that we're okay with the other being missing
Keep faith in our replacements even when the truth glistens
Let's ignore the fact that
With no assistance from our minds 
Our hearts are needing each other
Crying out because they can't be together
Bleeding from being lacerated
Surgically separated
Once conjoined like Siamese twins
And now that we're apart
Each piece has been deprecated
So with one less reason to keep beating
Our pulse slows down
And resuscitation can only be achieved by those
Blood soaked rose pedals
And tear drenched lilies
And one day we'll meet again
Broken and bruised and half dead
We'll find enough strength to promise each other "forever"
And in that lifetime we can only hope that
We have lived enough to understand
How long forever can really be.
But make it fast cause
I don't think our hearts can bleed for an eternity.

The author's comments:
This was written about my ex boyfriend.

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