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No more

December 28, 2011
By tweetiebruce PLATINUM, Sydney, Other
tweetiebruce PLATINUM, Sydney, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Life is like music - You can make mistakes so you try again. But when the piece can't be helped you try again another time.

Blotches of paint
Ruin the mask
Of hope
Life and love

That time when the
Clocks ticks
No more
Will not be time

That place where
They gather
Will not be a
Resting place no more

For that is ruined
By simple
of paint

But blotches that spread
As ink to paper
As to ruin the mask
For ever

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Ella1 GOLD said...
on Feb. 4 2012 at 11:16 am
Ella1 GOLD,
14 articles 7 photos 137 comments
I love it, it's a new view of something so simple. Great job!