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Let's Be Teenagers

December 14, 2011
By Hershyg1rl BRONZE, Pope, Mississippi
Hershyg1rl BRONZE, Pope, Mississippi
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Come on.
Come with me.
Let’s be teenagers.
Let’s go do stupid things
And not care who watches.
Let’s go run through the snow in our underwear
In 30 below weather.
We can see who lasts longer in the cold.
It’s okay if we get sick.
Please come dance with me.
Teach me that silly dance you love so much.
I’ll try my hardest to learn it,
Even though I have no rhythm or balance.
Sing that pretty love song to me.
The one that makes so sense.
I promise not to tease you,
Even though your singing is terrible.
I’ll even sing those nonsense lyrics with you.
Write our names on the back of my hand
And surround them with a heart.
Here you go.
Take this pen and unleash your crazy thoughts on my arms.
Let me get my camera!
Make a funny face.
I’ll preserve it forever in my memory card,
Then print it out and put you on my wall.
Sit next to me in class today
So we can pass notes about stupid things
And draw each other weird pictures that make us giggle.
I have an idea.
Let’s run away for the day.
We can go to the mall and play hide-and-seek
And run up the down escalators and down the up escalators.
We can run around holding hands and taking pictures.
Then we can go home and collapse in bed.
I’ll lay on your chest and listen to your heartbeat
While you play with my hair and kiss my forehead.
We can talk about pointless things and tease each other.
You can laugh at my awful jokes
And I’ll pretend to believe all your lines
About how “gorgeous” I am
And all those other silly things you say that make me blush.
We can do all that until neither of us can take it anymore.
Then we’ll finally pull each other closer,
Closer than we thought was possible moments before,
And we’ll kiss for a long time.
We’ll eventually fall asleep cuddling.
Tomorrow, when we wake up,
Let’s do it all again.
Let’s be teenagers.

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