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Envy of Happiness

December 14, 2011
By Twisted_Kid BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
Twisted_Kid BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
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If you get something you not looking for its your fate. A fate that you made, fate is always changing everything you do turns your fate around. Nothing is not ment to be so be careful. {KARL}

When you feel like life had died and your confidence fades away,
like you don't have purpose just a pawn thats put in play.

You see the happy lives and then you think about your own, you cant, because your in darkness feeling so alone. Wake up as a fool thinking days will now be better, not knowing that this chaos will always last forever.

Now I was born with a sickness that will never let me be, my immune systems m'k but my eyes can clearly see...

The author's comments:
This I a poem about at how I somethimes feel. How i see the world and others at times.

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