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The Wind tamer and the World

December 8, 2011
By Rhinos SILVER, Saigon, Other
Rhinos SILVER, Saigon, Other
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O, let me tell you my story,
How many stars above the celestial globe?
How many cracks on our amiable Moon?
How many kisses on our darling Planet?
I’m the wind tamer my friends! I hold the secret truth!

Catch me if you can! ode to life!
I’ve crossed the fields, touched beloved soil,
I’ve passed the streams, their water’s pure,
I’ve rode the storms, she’s too wild!
I’m the wind tamer my friends! How I wish you can see!

Can you chase me, my dear friends?!

But I ain’t the likes of you!
How many babies’ cries have I heard?
How many rotting corpses have I passed?
How many steel shots have I heard?
I’m the wind tamer! I know your truth!

Will you be able to capture me dear friends?

Your mushroom cloud won’t destroy me!
Your hatred and anger won’t touch me!
Your sorrow and grief won’t shake me!
You never knew I passed the Walls!
I’m the wind tamer! How I wish you can open your eyes!

The author's comments:
Just releasing my creative power!!!! So happy and joyful, the result of geo reading + bio hw and tada!!! Oh and add in that mix a bit of procrastination!!!!!

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