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December 7, 2011
By wolfpack270 SILVER, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
wolfpack270 SILVER, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
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"Beware your thoughts for they become words. Beware your words for they become actions. Beware your actions for they become habits. Beware your habits for they seal your fate."

Alone at night a man sits in tears
while his memories expose his fears
shaking silently while his thoughts drag him down
back to a time when he was in his home town

In the distance he can hear a spectral sound
the sound of bullets flying all around
wife and child in his arms, praying it will end
a wild terror that we can't comprehend

They all can hear death's whispers in the air
the house next door catches fire with a flare
the smoke is choking and they have to run
chased by leaping flames and firing guns

Where to go.
What was that sound.
Run girls, run, and don't look back.
The guns are hungry for sacrificial blood.
The soldiers of Death are all around.
Nowhere is safe.

Late at night a man sits in tears
the sounds of guns still ringing in his ears
Lost in his memories, lost in the time
When religion was his greatest crime

Caught by the soldiers, his family is dragged away
taken to cells that smell of decay
fighting to survive, the family stays strong
But hope can only sustain for so long

Starving from hunger, barely holding on
and ill-fated news comes with the breaking dawn.
The women and children are taken from the cells
they put on a bold face as they say their farewells

Led to a room they stand in a crowd
tall and straight they all look proud.
as they wait for the shimmering gas to fill the air
and they can finally escape their never-ending nightmare

But back in the cell the man begins to weep
the only time he sees his family is now in his sleep

Alone at night a man sits in tears
while his memories take him back to those years
shaking silently while his thoughts revive
memories of his family's lives

Now each night he lays in bed
his memories like a darkness in his head
but darkness plays in shadow's wake
darkest when he lays awake.

Unable to escape the nightmare he lives.
A man sits up in tears.

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