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A Place behind Your Mirror

November 7, 2011
By autumn_meets_winter PLATINUM, Houma, Louisiana
autumn_meets_winter PLATINUM, Houma, Louisiana
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Bleed with your pen, not your wrist.

It was a trick of the heart
My mistake to love
That led me to this.
So now I am trapped
Behind your glorious mirror
Forced to watch,
Made to listen,
As you live your fast life,
Drink all of your wines,
And love her like I wished you loved me.

The girl I don’t know,
The woman I never want to know
Because she has you.

I bang my fist against the glass,
Scream out your name.
But you refuse to hear.
You, instead, wrap her in your arms
While my hands and arms bleed
And my heart aches for you.
And the words “I love you”
Escape your lips
When she does not hear.

She leaves for the night
And you come to me
Finally letting me breathe in air
And step out of the mirror.
You wrap me in your arms.
You wipe the blood off of my skin.
You kiss my tears away
And I am happy
For the moment.

But you place me back in your mirror,
Hiding me from your life.
While I am left behind your mirror,
I watch you live your life
When I am ling on the floor,
Waiting for you to love me.

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InkWriter13 said...
on Jun. 22 2012 at 7:29 pm
Sad. Slightly depressing. But written well. Crucial to every writer's musings/thoughts/writings. One typo (ling-lying), but other than that great writing. I like the behind the mirror thing. It's unique and different. Great work. Would you please comment on my work titled Earth's Children? Or/also A Lost Dream?