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Petty Complaints or Survival?

December 11, 2011
By chol65 BRONZE, Carrboro, North Carolina
chol65 BRONZE, Carrboro, North Carolina
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In India children live in the slums
Sorting through trash by day
Sleeping in cardboard boxes by night
They know now only of that reality
They have no concept of luxury
Their focus is on survival
Not education, not fun
They hardly have a chance to be children
It’s grow up or die
So how can we
In good conscience
Live the way we do
Our biggest problem being
What color to paint our nails?
What clothes to wear to a party?
While innocent children worry about
Where their next meal will come from
Where they’ll sleep that night
What if we spent the money we spend on new clothes
On feeding the starving young souls of India instead
We could make a difference

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