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What I Could Never Tell My Mother MAG

February 1, 2008
By Anonymous

What I could never tell my mother
Isn’t her fault; it’s mine
It’s things wrapped inside of me, coiled like wire with the filament exposed
She could accept them – those things – I’m sure
Maybe even love them the way she loves me; little puzzle pieces
That fell out of the box when we were putting it under the sofa
After we almost finished the puzzle together
But I hide them inside my deepest aorta
Keeping them safe because who wants to grab a still-beating heart?
It would kill me to take those secrets out
So my mother may know they exist
But she lets me keep them.
And maybe that’s the real secret, the one that
She doesn’t know –
It’s that I need some secrets of my own.

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on Oct. 9 2012 at 10:11 pm
AnnaRead SILVER, Park City, Utah
8 articles 0 photos 29 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Even if your on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." Will Rogers

We all need our secrets, and we all keep them until our last breath, or not.

abbadoo said...
on Aug. 7 2012 at 10:30 pm
abbadoo, Clinton, South Carolina
0 articles 0 photos 11 comments
Sometimes mother knows best. And sometimes we write poems.

Niti-M BRONZE said...
on Jul. 16 2012 at 11:53 pm
Niti-M BRONZE, Mumbai (Matunga), Other
2 articles 1 photo 23 comments
Phenominal. Absolutely phenominal. Beautiful. Keep writing. :) Check out my work, please? 

on Jun. 24 2012 at 9:00 pm
boutonderose BRONZE, Kyle Tx, Texas
3 articles 0 photos 3 comments

Favorite Quote:
A picture is a poem without words
Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/topics/topic_art.html#WQBAFEh31HMWBoxt.99

i feel the same and this poem is perfect

AriShine GOLD said...
on Jun. 24 2012 at 10:25 am
AriShine GOLD, Norcross, Georgia
13 articles 0 photos 130 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Whatever you are, be a good one." -Abraham Lincoln

Great imagery. Love it! Keep writing!

MilesC SILVER said...
on Jun. 2 2012 at 9:56 am
MilesC SILVER, A Small Town, Pennsylvania
8 articles 0 photos 3 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Life is a system of balance. One thing will always be accompanied by a proportionate level of its counterpart. Happiness is more valuable when interrupted by periods of sadness." ~Bruce Stonemills

You took the words right out of my mouth. You certainly worded it better than I could ever have done, and I really like how you extend your scope beyond just your reaction. You expanded it to the collective reaction of all of the readers and the relevance this has to the poem.


Well said. I agree wholeheartedly.

QueenNys GOLD said...
on May. 11 2012 at 9:34 pm
QueenNys GOLD, Port Huron, Michigan
18 articles 0 photos 7 comments

Favorite Quote:
A Misty morning does not signify a cloudy day

thats how i feel about just about all of my family...


on Apr. 25 2012 at 1:22 pm
rockmafia-611 BRONZE, Oran, Other
3 articles 0 photos 16 comments

Favorite Quote:
"There are multiple sides to all of us.Who we are and who we might be if we follow our dreams"
Miley Cyrus(Miles to go)

i feel like this poem speaks to me i think it's really good

on Apr. 19 2012 at 1:37 pm
tdpackerfan BRONZE, Scottsdale, Arizona
2 articles 0 photos 4 comments
The poet did a nice job of capturing the emotional conflict of the societal teenager. Ultimately , it is very likely that many will be able to conenct with this poem and relate to its central theme. The poet is successful because he or she has found a way to establish that connection with the reader.

JYazzmen GOLD said...
on Apr. 19 2012 at 8:32 am
JYazzmen GOLD, Pensacola, Florida
12 articles 0 photos 5 comments

Favorite Quote:
"you can find out who a person is by the kind of books they read"

i loved this poem i can really relate to it 'cause i can't fathom the way my mom would react to some of my stuff

on Apr. 18 2012 at 1:27 pm
Piper Shaw BRONZE, Scottsdale, Arizona
2 articles 0 photos 5 comments
The truth in this poem is really relatable for me! I loved the comparison about the beating heart. I had to read the poem a couple of times because it left me wondering. The secrets theme was great.

on Mar. 25 2012 at 5:29 pm
WithShatteredWings SILVER, Choteau, Montana
7 articles 2 photos 17 comments

Favorite Quote:
You are everything I want cause you are everything I'm not-Taking back sunday

Everything you do in life is insignificant but it is very important that you do-Gandhi

Happiness is an inside job- papa

here's so much my mom doesn't know

Kianie GOLD said...
on Mar. 6 2012 at 1:54 pm
Kianie GOLD, Westphalia, Kansas
10 articles 0 photos 13 comments

Favorite Quote:
"You are the music as the music lasts" - Stevie Wonder

This poem is soooo relatable! :] Although I may tell my mom some secrets, I definatley might need to keep some to myself. Great job!

on Feb. 13 2012 at 9:44 pm
otherpoet SILVER, Wayland, Massachusetts
6 articles 9 photos 254 comments

Favorite Quote:
"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone." - Audrey Hepburn

I love this piece because I can remember telling my mother everything, and now I tell her almost nothing of what goes on in my head. This piece is so relatable. Great writing!

on Feb. 13 2012 at 9:04 am
CourtCourt DIAMOND, Franklinville, New York
77 articles 0 photos 33 comments

Favorite Quote:
2 Corinthians 12:9
But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. ” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

i love the truth in this!! amazing

on Jan. 30 2012 at 9:35 pm
laurensoccer SILVER, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
8 articles 0 photos 67 comments
This piece is so beautiful and moving. It is so genuine. Please keep writing!!!!!!!!!!!!

on Jan. 20 2012 at 1:49 pm
WeAllBurn PLATINUM, Vermilion, Ohio
24 articles 0 photos 71 comments

Favorite Quote:
"The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." ~Mahatma Gandhi

This was a fantastic piece of work, seriously. I loved this soooo much

on Dec. 31 2011 at 9:29 am
ElleNicole BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
2 articles 0 photos 107 comments

Favorite Quote:
"My role in society, or any artist's or poet's role, is to try and express what we all feel. Not to tell people how to feel. Not as a preacher, not as a leader, but as a reflection of us all."

Nice job. Mind checking out my work? Thanks if you do! =)

on Dec. 21 2011 at 1:03 pm
Schuyler BRONZE, Bronx, New York
3 articles 0 photos 12 comments
I really enjoy your poem its great. The tone of your poem sounds to that its alright to keep some secrets of your own and your mother will be okay with that .

on Dec. 9 2011 at 7:09 am
youngspeare BRONZE, Nairobi, Other
1 article 0 photos 273 comments

Favorite Quote:
We wouldn't ask a rose that grew from the concrete for having damaged petals; in turn we'd all celebrate its tenacity, we'd all love tz will to reach the sun well we are the roses n these are my damaged petals don't ask me why thank God and ask me how

Mind-blowing! It's fantastic :) 
think you could check out my work sometime? Would really appreciate it.