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Ripped From The Shadows

November 29, 2011
By TheShadowsHaveEyes SILVER, Lansing, Michigan
TheShadowsHaveEyes SILVER, Lansing, Michigan
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She walks down the hallway,
books huddled to her chest.
The bell rings,
and students scramble,
and now no one is left.

She looks around from side to side,
the lockers hold those secrets we hide.

And now finally classes have begun,
She’s alone in the hallway.
There is no one.

So she drops her books and her bag,
and opens the locks because she’s a hag.

Ripping your secrets out of the shadows.

You face your fears as she swings from the gallows.

You watch the execution, with an aroused spirit,
Her cold eyes are talking.
I know you can hear it.

“It was worth it.” They scream.
Worth even death.

To get rid of those secrets that made you hold your breathe.

“Your welcome” she whispers as they put it on her neck.
“Thank you” you say, as the floor falls and she’s wrecked.

You stare into her eyes, as the life quickly flows out.
Now you know she loved you.

Now you have no doubt.

And as you walk home with thoughts weighting your mind,
You know that with them confession should be intertwined.

The author's comments:
We can't just keep hiding things and trying to take care of them by ourselves. This piece is a way of perspective. it's my way of showing that pictures can change from a crowded school hallway to an execution in the blink of an eye for an example.

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