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November 18, 2011
By taterbug235 SILVER, Flora, Indiana
taterbug235 SILVER, Flora, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
Never underestimate the impossible.

Close your eyes
breathe really slow
look deep inside
let your feelings flow

Picture a place where you long to be
By a big crystal lake in the warm sun,
or in a huge apple tree
where ever you are have lots of fun

I'm in a place where my mind is free,
my thoughts are buzzing around like bee's.
The trees reach toward the sky
without that sun they will all die

The spring sky sings so sweet,
it's warm wind washes over me
The breeze says "swish" through the tree's
I'm so relaxed I forgot to breathe

My mind is free
My mind is near
My mind can't be
anymore clear

Now that your calm in every way
open your eyes and take one the day

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