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The catalyst of creativity

December 7, 2011
By Rhinos SILVER, Saigon, Other
Rhinos SILVER, Saigon, Other
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Take a step forwards and take my hands,
I’ll lead the soprano with you,
But the thief comes in the night,
Holding your neck, driving me mad,
O, would it never end?

Through the battalion, the damsel awaits,
Be it Hector!
Be it Achilles!
Only the mighty will win her heart!

Above the heavens we rest and reign,
I entrust you the ring of promise,
But the thief comes in the night,
Taking my rings and shatter its core,
O, would it never end?

Over the jungles, over the turbulent seas,
Across the continents with a loud march,
Oh, the Lochness serpent!
Oh, the Philosopher’s stone!
Draw your sword and brace yourself!

Laying inside my chambre waiting for you,
It seems perennial, be it one second or minute,
But the thief comes in the night,
Breaking his prison and en garde,
O, what a tedious cycle!

Passing great cities, home at last,
People parading and celebrating,
Wait, the King’s lovely maiden,
Wait, his Highness’ lovely ring,
Make your choice, death or existence?

Truly, it’s yours to pick.

On the balcony, with a musket to my breast
Suddenly the cavalier rings aloud,
But the thief comes in the night,
With his hands sealed and tucked away,
You stood by, with our rings, with your golden smile!

Truly, my dear, the ending is yours to pick.

The author's comments:
Explode your hidden princes and princesses, trepass your comfort zones, create a story, dare yourself, my random poem is the starting point :p Any stories, any essays, be a risk taker (in a trance)!!!

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