Silver Blade

December 1, 2011
My threatening Voice echoes
The threat hangs in the air
He turns away
I sigh with relief and drop the Silver Blade

I didn't want to hurt him
The battle rages on
I wish I hadn't come
He runs to tell his father

Father turns
It's easy to see a girl
In the middle of a male battle
I smile sheepishly

We are on opposite sides
He reaches his hand out
He demands my blade
It glints beautiful

I know he will hurt me
So I give him the Silver Blade
I am his prisoner...again
He sends me to a makeshift prison

I sit and watch my side win
My calls for help are drowned out
My father drags me to his horse-drawn cart
And takes me to his castle

The queen, my mother, glares at me
She hates me for leaving
Then threatening her warrior
I turn absently to my room

The long corridors
Are familiar
They seem to go on endlessly
I see the outline of my door

I smile faintly
But I am homesick
Homesick for my home on the other side
I want that room, with my dog

But instead I open my old door
To a dusty abandoned room
I sigh and sit
My cat jumps in my lap,purring

I get my parchment out
To write to you
This poem
I hear a click of a lock

I realize my father
Locked my door
I sigh and get my quill and ink
and write on my parchment

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