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Brave Man

November 18, 2011
By taterbug235 SILVER, Flora, Indiana
taterbug235 SILVER, Flora, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
Never underestimate the impossible.

They say a man is brae,
When he over comes his fears.
But what about the man,
Who fought through all his years.

He fought for all now dead,
he fought for the RED.
He fought for whats was right,
he fought for the WHITE.
He fought for this land so true,
he fought for the BLUE.
He fought for the USA,
and he fought for me and you.

I never thought i'd see the day,
that all his words would slip away.
If only i could fix the sad way,
that all his smiles would fade to gray.

Through my red face and misty eyes,
thoughts of sadness roll on by.

Wish to remember all he said,
his sweet words fill my head

I sit and think of all his children,
I know they are proud of where he's been

I think of all the thing's he's seen,
I sit and think, cry and scream

Endless emotions deep inside
the feeling i can no longer hide

He was strong and proud,
In a good way loud

He was free and brave
He fought till his grave.

The author's comments:
this poem isn't about my grandpa its about my cousin Kenny. He was killed in afgnastan.

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