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I seen him today

November 20, 2011
By bakedbeans PLATINUM, Baltimore, Maryland
bakedbeans PLATINUM, Baltimore, Maryland
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People often ask me "why are you so fast?" and my reply was "ask a basketball player why he or she keep making three point shots in a row or ask a football player why is he so good at breaking tackles. its practice!!! common sense idiot!!!" Charles.C

I seen him today in the cafe eating all by himself. I leaned my head to the side, noticing how he runs to class as soon as the bell rings, how he never says a word in class, how he only wears black as if somebody in his family dies every single day. Sometimes I have nightmares about him, with white ink written on a black sheet of paper saying "Good-bye world" and then I wake up right before he pulls the trigger. I watch him everyday as if he's some strange species in a lab in one of those rooms with those one-sided mirrors looking to see what he is doing but everyday I examine him, every day I watch and then I walk away from the mirror.

The author's comments:
A writer on Teenink inspired me to right this particular work and I want people to realize that other people are having hard times and just try to be nice to people that's all.

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