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What is Grass?

November 20, 2011
By stargrl SILVER, Ballston Lake, New York
stargrl SILVER, Ballston Lake, New York
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What is grass?
Is it the symbol of everlasting growth?
Persevering through all seasons
Trying to stay green?
Or maybe the vast expanse,
A green sea
Populated by creeping and crawling insects,
Is purely another of the
Often overlooked
Everyday beauties.

In some places grass is in abundance,
And can seem a problem,
Constantly needing to be mowed;
But in other areas
It is rarely seen
And a single blade
May be the only green
In an otherwise grey world.

It could be the topsy-turvy hair
Of mother Earth –
If we never cut it, would it be
A vast universal hairstyle
Waving in the gravitational breeze
Created by the planets?

Maybe it is a banner
Of the earth’s disposition
Green and lush in spring and summer and fall
The happy months where birds carol
Then the earth is happy
And the dark, cold, sad months of winter
The grass gets brittle

The seasons might be the caretakers of the grass
Spring is very fastidious and waters it well
Summer sometimes lets it dry out but still cares
The fall, too, has very green grass but allows
Some leaves to fall and land
The winter covers the grass over with a tight
White blanket, keeping it happy while it hibernates,
But the grass turns brown from this treatment
It can’t wait for spring
When it can wake up again

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