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I fought for you, but I lost.

November 24, 2011
By Amanda24 DIAMOND, Lynnfield, Massachusetts
Amanda24 DIAMOND, Lynnfield, Massachusetts
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The same old problems, the same old thing.
I fight hard and long, but I never win.
The fights are not with other people
They are with my heart and my me.
My head says we’re through,
But my heart says I’m still in love with you.
You made me the happiest girl in the world.
That one text sent me sky rocketing.
The butterflies started from toes and paused at my heart,
I loved you so much, everything about you was perfect.
But I let you go, I let you down,
I let my heart go cold.
Maybe one day I will be happy again
But who are we kidding?
That day won’t come,
And neither will you.

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