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Mrs. Williams

November 17, 2011
By HaleyS. GOLD, Byram, Mississippi
HaleyS. GOLD, Byram, Mississippi
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Mrs.Willims, they say that she-
Lived sovery happily.
So, on a day superbly hot,
I fairly concluded that she was not
Her hunsband, he went about so grave that he was practically in it
And she at only fifteen was chained
Which went to fully prove
That all her beauty was unused.
Then she decided she could not stand it.
Oh! The thought, she could not recant it!
On that night still warm from the day,
Mrs. Williams found a way,
To gain some choice when she had none,
No one suspected the battle she won.

On she went and as years passed,
From the first and to the last,
It was always number one,
And the thing had greatly grown.
She was McRoy, Robinson, and Plaff,
And they all were left, as quick as a laugh.
Justice had to be done. Justice had to be done.
Off she went back to the place
That once held that solemn face
To let them lift the flapping black flag,
Make wrong right.
But, before she could,
She was struck by the chariot demon of wood.
On the cracking street she lay,
A stain of scarlet,there to stay,
Trickling slowly, to dsy "What a shame!"
Then they took her and buried her under the Hickory tree,
Right next to thst grave that Earth lovingly covered.
She was buried right next to her first beloved.

The author's comments:
Set in the 19th century. The key to understanding this piece is interpreting the implications. If you can't find them, hint=line5-7,13-15. The end is very ironic.

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