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Black and White

November 21, 2011
By Shley SILVER, Darien, Illinois
Shley SILVER, Darien, Illinois
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I sit on the wooden bench
Music is everywhere
I search for a muse
What am I feeling right now?
I pick up a nice, quiet classical piece
And I play

My fingers glide across the keys
I close my eyes
This song I know
The notes flow through me
I am no longer playing the song
I am the song
The song is inside me
What it feels, I feel
It swallows me entirely

The song changes
No longer nice and quiet
Now angry and loud
I stop
This is not how I feel
I finish with a quieter piece
Like before
I close my eyes
And smile

Then it is over
I open my eyes
The music is still inside me
A steady flow through my veins
I close the piano lid
And walk away

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