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Truth Is

November 15, 2011
By J4Yc3 GOLD, Nashville, Indiana
J4Yc3 GOLD, Nashville, Indiana
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What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger

Truth is I want to let you in but I can't bring myself to do that action.
Truth is I'm trying to add you to my life but instead of adding I keep using subtraction.
The past plus her words made ten ton bricks.
I'm trying to let you in but my first aid kit isn't enough to fix this.
Instead I plastered up a wall to keep love out.
Then I met you and my feelings that seemed true soon turned to doubt.
Little by little my wall started to come undone.
I started to finally come out of my shell but then fear took over so fear I tried to outrun.
Everyday I hid myself from the fear of getting hurt again.
Then one day I seen you smile and I took a chance.
Everyday The past went away more and more.
You sure were the one I was looking for.
My heart grew and grew and grew.
Truth is that is why I love you!

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