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My Chains

November 17, 2011
By Afra- SILVER, Colombo, Other
Afra- SILVER, Colombo, Other
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Even when the sun sets the moon will rise.

I am trapped, with strange rusty chains.
My atmosphere is beautiful,
A splendorous picture,
Not perfect
Nothing’s perfect,
Just wonderful.
But those chains are strange.
They hold me in a place,
Alone with something I feel horrible
To hate.
I wish it knew, for all it does
Is play games.
And no, this isn’t a matter of the heart.
This is a matter of trust been broken,
Lies uncovered,
Cruel intentions unmasked.
And honestly,
There is no point telling anyone,
Because they will never feel the same
Until they feel the same chains.
So now I’m sawing them away,
Bit by bit.
Link by link.
Until every piece of you
Becomes non-existent in my world.

The author's comments:
This is about that one friend whom I loved (friendship wise). I would have backed her up on anything. In the end, she left me hanging. I wish i could forget as easily as she let me down. I wish i could tell her how horrible she makes me feel. But that won't achieve anything. Selfish people are just that. And I am sick and Tired of being afraid to trust anyone. So yeah, this is how I'm dealing with it, and maybe one day, I will find the perfectly lolz and sane way to let her know what she had done.

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