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What Happens

November 1, 2011
By Kaneeshamai Wilson GOLD, Washington DC, Texas
Kaneeshamai Wilson GOLD, Washington DC, Texas
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what happens when you hear your favorite song, from that perfect summer
and two months later you notice the lyrics don’t make sense
and that the music sounds off-key
like maybe your headphones are broken?
what happens when, your hands feel too much like his hands..
and we’re doing something more than holding hands
and it seems like we need proper instructions
for the ballet we’ve been performing so perfectly
all summer
because it’s all wrong now.
like a new language we no longer understand

what happens when i remember the way i used to melt
at the same time you wonder about the moment i became so cold

What happens when...

the day comes and we see each other again
and you decide that you don’t like my hair red

what happens when i jump over two perfect blue puddles, that look so deep they could drown me
and then realize that i used to swim in your eyes

when i have to meet you all over, tell me what happens then
when you think about how you weren’t there, the night he took our dance and
changed it into something
that tasted better
something sweeter
and meaner
and entirely different
when he played a game of hide and seek between my thighs
and you told me it would never be the same.

tell me why you can’t look at me
the way you did when..
when it seemed like these things made sense.

what happens when...
you’re 1500 miles away from electricity,
and your lights are out
and it’s so dark..

what happens when i miss you more than i can stand.
and maybe he tore me and ripped me and hurt me and..
i dont feel you anymore
where you used to be
right there, where i could almost touch you
beside my bed
when i could have sworn i was sleeping
and my head told me i was dreaming
and i couldnt help but thinking..
i think your girl is going crazy
what happens when...
she’s right?

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