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October 31, 2011
By FacingFate SILVER, Worcester, Massachusetts
FacingFate SILVER, Worcester, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"Sometimes I wish I was someone other than me, fighting to make the mirror happy." ~ Bethany Dillion

I am not as small as other girls
My hair is not long and straight
I don't wear store brands, everyone knows
I don't obsess over having a date
I'm not captain of the cheering team
Or squad, or whatever it's named
I spend hours writing books in my room
Not caring who thinks it's lame
I created world in my stories
I write in careful rhyme
I love filming my life around me
I am dreaming all the time
I don't care about the parties,
The 'posse' or the 'crew'
I am completely original
Why worry what others do?
My room is always cluttered
And so are the thoughts in my mind
I always seem to locate something,
Until it's what I need to find
Yes, I have all these flaws and more
This I know is true
But I'll stick to being Imperfect me
And you stick to finding out you

The author's comments:
I know I'm not perfect but I still love who I am

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